Millions of devotees all over Maharashtra partake in a 21 days pilgrimage to Pandharpur every year on the occasion of Ashadhi Ekadashi. ABP wanted to use this opportunity to drive heartfelt engagement in rural segment while also promoting their on air program ‘Majha Vitthal Majhi Vari’

To carry the wishes of devotees across Maharashtra, we created a unique medium – ICHHA KALASH. A sacred Kalash placed on a canter travelled across all the important towns and villages on the Vari route. For those who could not be present at Pandharpur on the occasion of Ashadhi Ekadashi, Iccha Kalash became a medium through which they offered their wishes to the deity. The canter also became a cultural hub where devotees gathered to perform bhajan kirthan.

A pooja was conducted to offer the 25,000+ wishes collected at the feet of lord Vitthal in the form of a Silver Kalash. This insightful BTL activation helped increase brand awareness and made ABP Majha a part of an important journey in the viewer’s life.