Mobile Medical Unit is the key access to public Health care, especially in remote areas where individuals do not have access to basic healthcare and medical facilities. The objective of MMU is to give medical facilities to unserved areas. The mobile medical unit consists of a variety of medical equipment, Medical Laboratories, and Healthcare workers that include physicians, nurses, lab technicians, and other health professionals.

Mobile Medical Unit is an initiative by the National Health Mission, to reach out to the remote areas that lack basic medical facilities, particularly in rural areas, NHM’s ongoing project of MMU is being executed by the RW team in Maharashtra which started on 28th March 2021. It is covering 20 districts in the state with 40 locations per day where 80 patients are diagnosed in every location with medical facilities, a total of 1600 patients are checked daily. The patients diagnosed with the major ailment are referred to the nearest Government Hospital. Medical laboratories comprise 37 types of medical tests with advance techniques.

By this campaign we are able to address medical and social determinants of health of rural India and we aim in achieving our objective and play an important role in evolving our healthcare system in coming years.