The country’s much awaited Hindi periodical drama serial is finally here! Sony introduces Peshwa Bajirao, a serial dedicated to the great Maratha Warrior Peshwa Bajirao. Sony joined hands with RW Promotions to market the serial to specific target audiences based in semi-urban and rural markets. Sony appointed RW Promotions with a definite goal in mind- to create awareness and publicity about the serial to an audience that revers its lineage and history.

6 canters paved the way across Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan prior to the TV launch of the show. The canter is named as ‘Museum on Wheels’ displaying demo weapons which were used by Peshwa Bajirao in his successful conquers.

The excitement was galore among the crowd that gathered to witness and be a part of the show dedicated to the Great Peshwa of the Maratha Empire. The canter covered schools, societies and market areas and conveyed the sentiment showcased in the TV Serial as well, which was the importance of parenting to a child. While, masses echoing the slogan “Jo Hati nahi, woh Marathi nahi

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