One of the events that we organised at Pandharpur was the stall at an exhibition. To put up this stall, we worked with the Government of Maharashtra. There was a pool of agencies who bid for this activity with the DGIPR Department of the Government of Maharashtra. Among the several agencies, RW Promotions got selected based on our past work with the various departments of Government of Maharashtra.

The Government has had ongoing schemes to help farmers in the state. It has introduced these schemes for the betterment of the farmers and labourers in Maharashtra, and wanted to promote these schemes at the Krushi Pandhari Exhibition at Pandharpur. To help the Government with their aim to promote their schemes, we put up 50 panels with these schemes for the public to read about and walk through.

The event was a big success. The crowd was involved and was interacting with our stall, and gained knowledge about the schemes as well. We received more than 2500 callbacks, over the course of 4 days, from people interested in entering a contest about their knowledge on the schemes. Our stall was also recognised by the Chief Minister, who praised our efforts with the activity.


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