Zee Anmol is an Indian free-to-air TV channel launched by Zee Network. It airs shows from Zee TV, &TV, Sahara One, 9X and Imagine TV. The objective of this campaign was to increase brand awareness, increase the viewership of the channel and conduct a CSR initiative. The target audience of the campaign were small villages who suffer the problem of load shading.
Zee Anmol shortlisted 20 villages from Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh who suffer severe electricity issues. LED lights with solar batteries was setup on the banyan trees present on the cross road, community area or panchayat place in the villages. Surrounding area was branded with standees, banner and more. Presence of solar batteries allowed the villagers to use electricity at night or during the load shading hours. The same helped in reading, allowing the kids to study, interaction and other activities in the village.

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